Are you planning to remodel your kitchen before Christmas or the New Year? With these two big festivals just around the corner, you have the right reason and time to do so. With some guidelines mentioned below you can learn some ‘how to’ and ‘what to’ steps before you start:

  • Research and Plan
  • Choose what stays and what not
  • Get experts’ help
  • Allocate budget for everything
  • Built-in cabinets/appliances
  • Safety issues
  • Style with utility
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Customize for yourself

Research and Plan

While remodeling your kitchen, the first thing you should do is research on different kitchen design ideas. For this, you can collect pictures of every part of the kitchen from the internet. Don’t forget to research about the Kitchen Triangle.

Kitchen Triangle: There is a relation between your cook-top, fridge, and sink. They must be close to each other, but also not too close, to maintain efficient working environment for the cook. Experts say that the distance between any two parts of the triangle should be about 4 ft. to 9 ft. and the total distance should equal between 13 ft. to 26 ft.


Choose what stays and what not

Kitchen is all about you. Examine your space properly and decide what you want to keep on a daily basis and what you want to remove. Notice the number of your family members and cooks in your kitchen; make a list of what they would like to add as well.

If you research properly, you’ll get a clear idea of what your kitchen needs. You might even realize that reconstruction is not even necessary and save yourself some money and time. Just because you decided to change, you don’t need to do it all at once, you can do it in phases as well.


Get experts’ help

If you’re planning on doing it yourself, I’m sure you are capable of doing it but it doesn’t harm to get experts’ help. Make sure they are certified and have years of experience to guide you properly.

There are few things that need expert hands- demolition, tiling, painting, upgrading hardware, shopping, fixture installation, etc. But even if you are a do-it-yourselfer, always consult an expert prior to putting hands on the task. It can save you from any unforeseen mishaps. On the other hand, get suggestions from your family as well; they might also give you some insight that you missed.


Allocate budget for everything

Separate a budget for everything. Make a list of things of everything you need to remodel your kitchen. And follow it strictly in every step of the way.

With the list you’ve made, find out how much they would cost and allocate budget for every item. But out of your total budget, do remember to separate 20% of it for unexpected expenses.


Built-in cabinets/appliances

Appliances come in different sizes, and when placed without plan, they will look untidy. So, use the space properly, with built-in appliances and cabinets, your house will look clean and elegant. Optimize the space and enjoy your kitchen.

Appliances like dishwasher, oven, cabinets, waste bins, shelves, etc. will look good if kept hidden. Use the space under the cook-tops for cabinets & oven, near the sink for your dishwasher or even waste bins and any little spaces around the room for wine cabinets.


Safety issues

In the process, don’t forget to check for any lose wires. Check for proper ventilation in the area. If needed, recheck and repair all the pipes, sewage and drains properly. You can also make a universal kitchen; suitable for every age at every step of life.

During reconstruction, keep children and pets out of the site. Kitchenware should be kept out of children’s reach. For better assurance, install a child-lock system.


Style with utility

No matter what appliances you choose, make sure they are easy to operate and give efficient output.

While upgrading the look of your kitchen, don’t forget to preserve its warmth. Use concrete countertops, color combinations, proper separate waste baskets, tiles, cook-tops/ dual fuel ranges to enhance the look.



Proper light can change the perspective of your kitchen. A well-lit kitchen will look bigger than it really is. Also, a good visual while chopping and cooking is a must.

Like the cabinets and appliances, you can also remodel your kitchen by installing hidden lighting system. Install lights for your cook-tops, islands, sinks and anywhere you feel necessary. This will not only make your kitchen look good but also prevent you from making any mistakes.



As important as lighting in the kitchen, ventilation is significant in the same way. Proper air outlet will help you manage the space better. If you don’t have it, then its time you remodel your kitchen with proper ventilation.

Whether you look at it from a perspective for your health or the whole look of the kitchen, spacious and clear atmosphere in your kitchen will lighten the mood and keep you focused. Open windows and efficient chimneys will do the trick.


Customize for yourself

If you are more interested in baking, choose your appliance and pantry accordingly; get ovens and cook-tops that will define your interest. If you want a luxurious kitchen, go for latest technology and style your kitchen. If you have family gatherings or kids spending time with you in the kitchen, make an extra space in such cases.

But if you don’t spend enough time in your kitchen, don’t splurge on things you don’t even use. You can use the budget for something else.


Dreams don’t just happen; they are designed and demand your full attention. Keep these tips in your mind and get your ideas into action. Get your family together, arrange a family dinner and flaunt your new found kitchen.


Go get your compliments!!!